Why Buy A Flat Bar Road Bike

Know this I love talking about bikes but I love riding a whole lot more. When a person asks what kind of bike should I buy? It often comes from someone just getting into cycling. For that person I think the answer is often simple to answer. Buy a general purpose bike. But what is a general purpose bike? The answer can be different depending on the person asking the question and the kind of biking they are thinking of doing. It might be for running errands or commuting to work or going for a ride on some local bike paths. For others a general purpose bike needs to be fast enough for fitness rides. For me most often the answer to the question is buy a flat bar road bike.

Your next question could be why? Let's take a look.

Road bikes are made for speed and they have handlebars that look like ram's horns they're curved down. The problem some people have with this type of bike is the riding position is more forward and less comfortable to ride but more efficient for long rides which is why fitness riders or distance riders use bikes with road bars. The thing is though they are a little harder to learn to ride because the handle bars are narrower and lower which makes the bike a little less stable.

Flat bar road bikes are road bike only with handle bars like those you see on a mountain bike or hybrid. Here's the basic trade off. Flat bars offer better control and forward visibility which is also why they are used on mountain bikes. This is why they are used be the more casual rider who ride less often. While flat bars give the rider more control and therefore most confidence, they become less and less comfortable the longer you ride like for an hour or more because you have less ability to change your hand positions.

You might want to test ride bikes with the different styles of handlebars before you make your decision. Most people can tell fairly quickly which style of handlebars they are comfortable riding with. You may think I'll get used to them and there is some truth to that but if you hate them right off I would get the style you like because the other ones may cause you to not like riding at all.

If you are thinking at all of riding trails or off road then the flat bar road bike is not the right choice for you. It has too small of tires to ride it off road. You will get flats all the time. On the other hand if you plan on riding around town, to the store or commuting to work during the week and want to have a good bike for taking on some longer distance rides on the weekend then it is the perfect general use bike.

The most important thing is to buy a bike that you like to ride. It will get you into the sport and you will enjoy riding. Meaning you will do it more often and therefore get the most out of your bike.