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What Is a Dedicated Server Pricing Based On?   by Michaelwilfred

in Internet / Web Hosting    (submitted 2013-01-23)

Selecting a server is not a difficult option. The question is which one will be more feasible financially. Price of a dedicated server varies in different degrees. You can find many hosing packages available in the market whose prices range from the cheapest to the priciest. The variation in price is mainly due to the amount of features it contains. These are considered to be the most dependable servers that can be used for any type of operation regardless of its size or enormity. Dedicated server pricing therefore, is the most searched keyword when it comes to server hosting.

Mainly server prices are fixed upon the bandwidth and disk space. These two aspects are the most important factor in web hosting. The amount of traffic a website can handle depends on these two factors. Other factors like type of processors, storage options, security and protection, support etc. do play a role. Furthermore, they also depend on various types of services that are provided these days by the hosting organizations.

Apart from renting just server hosting solutions, if you go for managed dedicated server hosting then the price may generally be a bit higher. Providers these days have developed nicer ways to communicate with their clients and simplify their work. Managed hosting is just the product of such an attempt. With managed hosting, the user is free from the tedious responsibility of managing his servers and its other relevant functionalities. He can just focus on his job without taking care of the machine by paying just a few extra bucks.

Similarly, if you go for an unmanaged dedicated server hosting, the price won't look huge to you. Even if your company employs expert administrators who boast of efficiently managing a server, it is practically impossible to perfectly manage a machine by someone other than its provider. The provider understands their products better than any other person who has got knowledge in the similar field.

Another kind of service that decides the price is an unmetered dedicated server. An unmetered server is a type of server that is offered without limitations. There is certainly not a specified limit on your bandwidth and disk space. You get the freedom to use as much of them as your website requires. Its price is based on the amount of services you have used. You can thus accommodate your requirements and utilize the services as per your needs so that you do not have to pay a larger amount.

Thus, it can be said that dedicated server pricing doesn't depend on just two or three factors. Rather there are a bunch of elements that decides the price of a service that you are going to avail. To get the best service within a reasonable price you first have to assess your needs and make a plan of your specifications based on which you can decide which package will be better for you. The size of your need is the important factor which if you can plan out accurately then you can easily get an affordable server hosting provider for your website and hosting needs.