What Can A Yacht Broker Do For You - Yachts For Sale

Yacht brokers are professionals who can help you to find the boat of your dreams. At Lott Boat Works we have an extensive listing of boats and all the boats listed are done so at their owners request. The owner has selected us to represent their vessel and all enquires go through us. The good thing about this is the fact that all our staff know these vessels inside out.

When you contact a professional yacht broker they will listen closely to all your needs and wants and they can help you to determine whether or not the boat you are interested in is right for you. A professional yacht broker can tell you all about the boat and its condition before you decide whether or not it is worth looking at. This can help to save a lot of time. The broker can also tell you if there are similar boats on the market, how long to boat has been available and the history of the yacht of your choice.

A yacht broker can also help you to get a boat loan and marine insurance. They will help you to make an offer on a pre-owned boat and they help you to decide on a realistic offer that will increase your chances of buying the vessel. The broker will prepare your offer to purchase and this is a document that will spell out all the terms of sale include any obligation that you or the seller has agreed to. You will be asked to make a good faith deposit and this is usually placed in escrow until a sea trail and survey has been carried out.

A yacht broker can also help if you are making an offer on a new boat and they can advise you of dealers that are taking trade-ins and tell you about all the tax issues and tax savings that are associated with the trade in.

Professional brokers do all the paper work that is required and this is from the initial offer of purchase and the bill of sale to the licensing and registration. They also complete the documentation and titling and they help you with taxes and other fees too. Any other paper work that is required is also completed.

At Lott Boat Works we provide a full yacht brokerage service and this includes sea trial and surveys, marine insurance and loans, yacht maintenance services, boat handling classes and much more. We are here to help to make your yacht purchase as easy as possible.

By: John Lott