What Can a Sport Fishing Yacht Club Do For the Fisherman

Being a member of the sport fishing yacht club at EPYC means many things including excellent fishing and vacations, along with a professionally trained crew and fully stocked yacht. Personalized service and no over crowding, because the only people there are ones you have invited to join in the fishing, relaxing and fun. It is like having your own personal yacht only when you want it and the rest of the time it is not a problem you need to deal with.

Taking a trip out in the ocean on a fully stocked yacht means having everything you could want, your friends and family could want and there are other benefits to being a sport fishing club member. Benefits like the using a yacht to be a shadow ship, when it is needed during tournaments, having at least 28 days a year for vacationing on the yacht and fishing.

If you are a team member of a tournament there is no need to worry about extra fuel if you need to follow the fish, there is no need to worry about extra parts or fishing equipment. There is also no need to worry about being stuck on the small fishing craft with the team, because you are a member of an exclusive club. One that means you can have a shadow ship, the yacht that is fully equipped and has all the amenities that the team could want. The meals prepared by an expert chief, the lounge where the team can relax and plan the next day of the tournament and the large staterooms with their comfortable furnishings for a good nights sleep.

Being a sport fishing yacht club member also means that there are 28 days per year that the EPYC yacht is at your disposal to head out on the ocean with family and friends to have a relaxing fishing vacation. There is nothing quite like a day of ocean fishing and then relaxing on a yacht that is filled with amenities like an eight person Jacuzzi, a fitness center with free weights and other equipment. The fact that there are also other advantages like the use of game boats, diving gear and other equipment means while on the yacht small excursions are waiting that are an extra benefit.