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Web Servers for Beginners   by Dedicatedserver Handbook

in Computers / Hardware    (submitted 2011-06-13)

A web server is a combination of special software and hardware, which can able to host a single or multiple websites. It is the most essential component for Internet. In Internet arena web hosting can be classified under following categories (Based on the Server Usability).

1. Shared Hosting / Shared Server

2. VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) and

3. Dedicated server hosting

If you are new in Internet business, then you must know all of them to make your selection perfect. Well, this is not all about technical jargons.

Shared Hosting / Shared Server - the name suggests, a server hosting plan, where numbers of users share a single server. As the nature of the service it is cheap, and comparatively slow than other two hosting plans. It is perfect for those business owners who just start up their business or don't have enough budgets for their Internet promotion or service.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) - the name suggests, it is virtual NOT actual. It is similar to shared server, only difference is the server owner company setup a single operating system for you in their server using various virtualization software like - VMware, Virtual Box or XEN. That virtualization software allows server administrators to install separate operating systems and system resources for different users, as a result of this; user can feel a real stand alone or dedicated server likes environments. Still it has less performance than dedicated server.

Dedicated Server - it is a real and physical server dedicated for your business. Like your desktop computer, you can use this server with complete freedom. Freedom means, you can install any script, any software, software mod, font whatever you want. This is perfect solution for medium sized and large companies also those small business who own a niche internet based business like online image processing, video processing or any other kind of internet activities which requires special software and dedicated server resources to handle their business process and visitor's traffic.

Apart from the development, publishing and advertising, server hosting in one of the most popular marketing segment for Internet marketers. But the only difference is - unlike development, publishing and advertisement it need more investment and real infrastructure. The physical components of server is - server itself, KVM switch, router, firewall, keyboard, monitor, console and of course a high speed internet connection like - T1, T3 or leased line and another backup internet connection for fault tolerance. Those peripherals are costly. Additionally, the server owner MUST have alternative power supply like Digital Generators or multiple KV UPS and cooling system if the infrastructure established in warm location like any places like Asian continent. However, the investment involves, but the ROI (Return on Investment) is also high. Because now a days, people don't care about the budgets if the receive the right service with care. Selecting a web server is not an easy task, it is also involves your future needs. So beware before purchasing and check your current business requirements and future business scope and then make your decision.