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Web Server Information   by Agnes Trimball

in Computers    (submitted 2011-12-14)

There are so many reasons to start an internet based business. According to a study done by UCLA, nearly 90 percent of Americans now have access to the internet. In addition to business websites, folks are using free internet servers to make their own internet pages.

There is a vast difference between an internet website and a web page. Most sites offer customers a free internet page. You can post pictures of yourself and your family members and keep in touch with your friends and associates across the internet. These pages are hosted by a server that may or may not put mandatory ads on your web page.

You might also discover a web host server that will give you space for a completely free website. This can be an excellent idea for a small website that is mostly used for social purposes. Some people use such websites as an online resume of sorts.

Online businesses, however usually want to have a lot of perks such as databases that allow forums and shopping carts and e-commerce so that customers can keep coming back and make purchases. Databases and the like take a lot of space. A free website will not be able to handle such a request; there would not be enough space. These businesses often, when they start out, seek a paid internet server to host their site. They pay a monthly or yearly fee and get assistance with server problems when required.

This can work well for small ventures. However, if a business really starts to grow, it makes more sense for it to host its own website. In essence, a dedicated website is a way to host your own website and your website only. The server is dedicated exclusively to you and your online venture.

How does this help you? For one thing, since you don't have to share space with other users on a shared server, you have more space to expand your own website. You can add more pages and options for people who visit you.

You will also be able to use as much bandwidth capacity as required without sharing with other websites. The bandwidth of a server is what allows the traffic to the website. If too many people are trying to connect to several websites at once and the server cannot handle it, they may be turned away. No one with a serious internet business wants to turn away customers.

Although dedicated servers cost significantly more money than shared servers, they are a wise choice for a growing internet business. In most cases you can save money by not only improving the options on your website, but allowing easier access for potential customers so that they will not be turned away, therefore, making you more profits in your internet website business. A dedicated server is the only way a large internet business can really grow.