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Web Server Hosting Technology   by James Koh

in Internet    (submitted 2009-08-25)

Web server hosting is one of the more popular things that has been around for a long time now, and this article will look into the sort of technology that goes behind web server hosting and how it is done. You might think that this is one of the topics that is not discussed to popularly in this day and age, but of course, the curiosity behind the technology has been coming up. So, this article will discuss a little and look a bit more behind the scenes of some of the web server hosting technology in this day and age.

One thing you have to look at is the server, and this is basically the back end of the whole process. The server is where all the data is being handled, and this is where your resource pool is. The server is basically a very powerful computer, and is capable of hosting your web server and multiple web servers in a single CPU. Within the server is a processor, memory, virtual memory and a very powerful network interface. This is the very first thing that you should know about when thinking about the technology that goes behind web server hosting.

The next thing is the code and the programme engineering that goes behind the interface, and web server hosting is really not all about just the server. There are a lot of complicated processes that come about due to the very fact that automation and processes need to be completed on a daily basis. So, this is where the software engineer comes in, writing scripts and codes necessary and needed to ensure the survival of the web host and all of its services. The code improves as time goes by, and now there are some real complex computing codes out there.

Another thing that you need to look out for is things like SSL technology and certification, which is part and parcel of the E commerce industry. What this is, in fact, is the ability to perform secure online financial transactions on your website. What happens is that that when the financial data is supplied on one end of the website, it is decoded almost instantly through the SQL server, and with a certification, and it allows you to recode the information on the other side of the transaction. This is one of the more important technologies you need to pay attention to.

So this are some of the web server hosting technology, that you might be interested in when you are pondering on the topic. In fact, you should be starting to get real interested on the whole concept of going online, and the web host is the only way you are going to get your presence online. As there are more and more web host companies popping up all over the world. When you are choosing this, you need to understand what the technology is behind all of this and how you can have a checklist of your own to be a discerning web host chooser.