Unusual Features On Luxury Yachts

Luxury yachts are the stuff that dreams are made of and some dreams can be more luxurious and exceptional than others. Most yachts offer a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of every day life and enjoy the vastness of the ocean in complete comfort. Features like Jacuzzis, professionally designed interiors and even swimming pools on deck are common and for many people spending time on a yacht are features they will never forget. But there are some yachts that exceed even the most exacting specifications. Features range from anti-paparazzi technology to submarines and become truly unbelievable. With so many incredible extras, it's no surprise that yachting is such a beloved pastime and has borne witness to so many memorable events.

The Standard Unusual

Yachts are designed to offer a break from the norm for a holiday like no other. Because of their reputation for luxury and opulence many have unbelievable features that, for the yachting fraternity are actually pretty standard. Relaxing in a Jacuzzi or spa bath on deck is part of everyday life onboard a yacht and many vessels also have saunas and steam rooms for guests to relax in after a day at sea. Onboard gyms are not uncommon ensuring that fitness routines can be maintained and many vessels even have personal trainers on staff. Waverunners, jetskis and scuba diving and windsurfing equipment are offered on most vessels, guaranteeing that you can make the most out of the spectacular locations you will be visiting on your yacht.

Interior design aimed specifically at yachts has emerged as a profession and the inside of most vessels is professionally designed to the owner's unique tastes. Granite countertops and marble columns are not uncommon and wood panelling creates a cosy feel for those stormy nights. Plush carpets underfoot, opulent furnishings and handmade linens allow the interiors to live up to a yacht's luxurious reputation. Entertainment systems, internet access, multimedia centres and every gadget you could think of are all common features onboard a luxury yacht, ensuring that guests are kept busy no matter the weather. These yachts have become far removed from the rustic explorer vessels they once were and offer every amenity you could need while travelling the open sea.

Yachts That Exceed All Expectation

With standard features of marble and Jacuzzis, yachts really need some unique and incredible features to stand out from one another. One such yacht is the 457 ft Al Salamah. Owned by Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, the Saudi Arabian defence minister, this yacht was crowned the world's largest state-owned yacht in 2007 and includes features like an indoor swimming pool, a private hospital and over 90 different rooms onboard.

The Omega is a 271 ft luxury yacht for charter and features its own massage parlour and yoga studio, guaranteeing a relaxing cruise. A private beautician is on hand and guests have a choice of relaxing in the interior or in the outdoor Jacuzzi. The Felicita West is a sailing yacht that combines speed with luxury. Even at only 210 ft, this yacht still houses an abundance of unique features, one being the automated crows nest left that transports guests up the mast for a view of a lifetime. The Virginian features its own library and guests can relax in front of a roaring fire, enjoying a book and an after dinner drink. The Octopus has a glass-bottomed floor for observing the ocean life beneath you and a fully equipped music recording studio. Limitless, owned by Leslie Wexner, CEO of Limited Brands and Victoria's Secret, has its own "dolphin cam" that records the sea life below and transmits it to flat screen TVs across the yacht, while Larry Ellison's Rising Sun features its own on deck basketball court.

Perhaps one of the most extravagant and unbelievable yachts is the soon to be launched Eclipse. This yacht is set to become the largest privately owned vessel in the world and has two helipads, a lift to transport guests between floors and a disco to entertain through the night. Each guest gets their own jetski and a balcony off their room to enjoy the ocean views. This yacht even has a submarine with its own private docking station, allowing guests to come and go in complete privacy. Privacy and safety were a large consideration in the design and build of this vessel. An anti-missile system, bulletproof glass and motion sensors are all installed and even flash detectors protect guests from the paparazzo's cameras.

Memorable Events Onboard