Top 7 Best Trips And Tours You Must Go On In Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is fast becoming Egypt's top tourist resort, from its Beautiful coral reefs and beaches, ship wrecks, desert adventures, and ancient monastery's, to enjoying the vibrant night life.

Here is my Top 7 trips and tours you must go on when visiting sharm el sheikh.

1. Ras Mohammed National Park by Jeep

Egypt's first National Park, here is one of the worlds most Beautiful places to visit, also known as the Jewel in the Crown of the Red Sea, with over 130 types of stunning coral and over a 1000 species of Beautiful fish.

The National Park is also the resting place of many ship wrecks including the famous Thistlegorm.

A Jeep picks you up from your hotel or apartment to take you to Ras Mohammed National Park. You stop at the visitors centre in the park, then on to some snorkelling in the beautiful aqua waters of the national park. After this your next stop is at the Blue Lagoon and Magic Lake. After these two amazing spots you are taken to see the mangroves which naturally grow on the coast line. Then its on to see the past remains of an earthquake which split the ground many years ago. You will need your snorkelling gear with you, or you can hire these at the start of the trip.

2. Ras Mohammed by Boat

This Tour is totally different from Ras Mohammed by Car as there is more snorkelling involved. The Jeep picks you up from your hotel or apartment and you are taken to naama bay to hire snorkel equipment if needed. Then off to on the jetties of Naama Bay for your boat. The trip includes stops at three stunning snorkelling spots Gordon reef and Jackson reef being just two of them. A stop at the ghostly shipwreck Lovilla just off Gordons reef.. A full lunch is provided on board and refreshments all through your trip.

Snorkelling gear also needed for your trip.

3. Quad Biking in the Sinai Desert

If you like speed and adventure then this trip is for you. Either take a quad bike for yourself or share one. Adventure deep into the interior of the Sinai desert. You will stop for a rest at the Bedouin camp for a real taste of Bedouin herbal tea. After your rest you

journey to Echo Mountain, This is the chance for you to be silly and shout into the mountains to hear the echo of your voice the Egyptian tour guide loves this one. After making a fool of yourself its time to head back home to base.

Desert quad biking can be taken early in the morning or in the evening this is so you can see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets of the Sinai desert. Trips usually take around 2 hours. If you want a longer and more personal trip then this can be arrange with any tour agent found all over sharm. When arranging these special Quad biking trips always negotiate for a good price, as the prices do vary considerably from each agent. You will need to take plenty of bottle water with you, scarf and goggles are essential.

4. St Katherine's Monastery and Dahab

St Katherine's Monastery is situated 1,1571 meters above sea level and is still home to 20 monks. Here you will find the Chapel of the Burning Bush were Moses was instructed by god to lead his people out of Egypt to promised land. Also you will see the Library of the monastery with its priceless collection of early Christian Manuscripts. The tour includes lunch at the nearby Katherine's Plaza hotel.

After lunch you are taken to the city of Dahab here you can visit the interesting souvenir shops. When visiting St Katherine's Monastery you will have to dress modestly, ladies no Bikinis, men T shirt or top. Take plenty of water for your trip.

5. Moses Mountain and St Katherine's Monastery

Moses Mountain reaches 2,285 meters above sea level which can be walked up or you can take a camel up there. Moses mountain was were Moses was supposed to have received the Ten Commandments. Its also a place to see spectacular sunrises and sunsets and for others who want to feel a spiritual experience.

The tour starts with you being picked up from your hotel or apartment the previous evening, depending on what time of year it is, you will be taken to the foot of Mount Moses were you will start your ascent, when you reach the top you can take a well earned rest and see the stunning sunrise after this you will start your descent. Next its on to St Katherine's Monastery were you can explore the treasures of the monastery. After St katherine,s you are taken for breakfast. To finish the tour you can go shopping in the city of dahab.

This trip is very long and can be strenuous, please dress modestly for St Katherine's Monastery.