Royal Thames Yacht Club - A Club Like No Other

The Royal Thames Yacht Club has the distinction of being the United Kingdom's earliest established club devoted to sailing and yachting. The members of the club engage in a variety of sailing competitions in Britain and around the world. The club's London headquarters form one of the most significant hubs in the world of yachting.

The history of the Royal Thames Yacht Club stretches back to 1775 when the Duke of Cumberland created the 'Cumberland Fleet' (another name for the club even in the present day) after organizing a race on the Thames River. Club members are entitled to many privileges, including the opportunity to enjoy the amenities of the clubhouse which offers many facilities such as comfortable accommodation, an excellent restaurant, bars and reading rooms.

The Royal Thames is linked with all manner of yachting and sailing events around the world, for the committed racer as well as the casual enthusiast who sails for pleasure. Several cruising events are organized each year by the club for the benefit of members, at venues around the world. Some members take part in these events in their own yachts while others charter vessels for the event. The club's extensive membership provides access to locations that would not normally be available for the individual enthusiast.