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Need of Different Mail Servers and Web Servers   by Khalid Kamal

in Computers / Networks    (submitted 2011-04-28)

The mail server is like a postman or mailman which helps you in getting your electronic mails. When people sent their emails they pass through different email servers of different internet service providers. If the email does not pass through these different servers you are not able to send it to different domains.

There mainly two types of email servers like outgoing and incoming email servers. For outgoing mails there is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and POP (Post Office Protocol) for incoming. The incoming email servers are also two types i.e. POP3 and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). The work of IMAP is to store the copies of the messages on the server whereas POP downloads and stores the original messages from the server to the computer system. If you are using different mail servers there are some settings which should be followed.

For Yahoo! Mail settings it offers the POP3 access for those emails which come through the mailbox -

Incoming email server - (port 110)

Outgoing email server - (port 25)

For Google Mail settings it uses POP3 on SSL connection -

Incoming mail server - (port 995)

Outgoing mail server - (port 465)

If you are using the Lycos mail plus service you can save the setting -

Incoming mail server - (port 995)

Outgoing mail server - (port 465)

There are many more email servers for which we can use the settings according to the requirement.

When we use different types of servers a name web server also comes into mind while it is also used by many of the mail server services providers. A web server is a computer program that circulates different pages according to the request given to it. The machine on which this program is executed is known as server. Every time the computer which connects to the internet has a unique number i.e. the IP address known as internet protocol address. It gives the system a unique identification number. This gives other computers to find the other ones and to communicate with each other.

Most of the companies which offer the web server services use Apache web server because it actually receives and answers the requested web pages. Many developers and designers use Apache in designing new products. Web servers are also handling the data requests for different protocols such as SMTP and FTP for email and file transfer protocol respectively.