Many Options For Elk Mountain Lodging In Eastern Pennsylvania

Elk Mountain has been Pennsylvania's premier vacation destination for more than fifty years. Countless visitors have enjoyed the beauty and hospitality of Scranton's famous resort area. Where to stay is never an issue because this resort area contains lodgings to meet every visitor's expectations. Accommodations from grandiose to simplicity complete the Elk Mountain experience.

Bed and Breakfast Inns

Elk Mountain offers fine accommodations for visitors seeking unique experiences during their stay. An interesting assortment of places offers luxurious accommodations with spectacular views, romantic moments and special touches to provide a memorable stay. Each inn offers a unique theme from a totally organic experience to historical antiques and a stay at one of Elk Mountain's bed and breakfast inns will cater to the desires of lodgers. Whether privacy and delicious food, or a nostalgic yearning for the past is important, these inns will not disappoint even the savviest traveler. Whatever the choice of inns, innkeepers strive to ensure guest stays are an experience in Elk Mountain ambience.

Resort Motels, Hotels and Inns

Elk Mountain enjoys a variety of motels and hotels to provide accommodations to meet everyone's budgets and comfort levels. From major well-know chains to special one-of-a-kind inns, these lodgings offer a variety of services to please visitors. Elk Mountain hotels offer a variety of services from all the accommodations of home away from home to the basic requirements.

Some places offer group lodging for groups wishing to plan a ski or nature getaway. Many places offer complete packages for visitors and are conveniently located within walking distance of places of interest. Often, these lodgings are conveniently located within walking distance of places or activities of interest. Plus if you feel like brining your four-legged friend along, there are plenty of Scranton pet friendly hotels around.

Elk Mountain Lodges

Elk Mountain has fine lodges to complete the natural experience of visitors. Aside from winter skiing, year round this area offers outdoor activities for the nature enthusiastic. These lodges provide accommodations that cater to the whims of their lodgers including delicious food and comfortable rooms.

Apartments and Timeshares