K2 Mountain Bikes Have A Bike To Meet Your Needs

Not every cyclist that likes to ride a mountain bike is looking to ride down narrow mountain trails at speeds well that sane people wouldn't dare try. Some of us just like the bikes because they are comfortable and easy to ride yet give you the option of not always having to ride on pavement. K2 mountain bikes are perfect for these riders.

For those of you looking for a terrific bike the K2 ZED 3 - 29" might be just the option you're looking for. This bike functions extremely well on flat Road and streets or on the trails. Its geometry makes it suitable for most men and women and it has plenty of adjustments for you to be able to make it specifically appropriate for you and your type of riding. This bike is built with durability in mind so it will stand up to all the abuse you put it through and yet be very long lasting. Beyond that the price of you can buy it for is incredibly affordable, making it great for people on a tight budget. Because of the 29" tires you will also find climbing hills a lot easier that with other mountain bikes.

The Zed 3 is a super sharp looking bike with a lightweight aluminum frame making it easy to ride. It is a 600 series hardtail bike which makes it light weight. It has Suntour front and Sram rear derailleurs with the Sram grip shifts which make it easy to shift through the 21 gears smoothly through the different conditions of the ride. Once again this bike is a great bike that could meet your bicycling needs this summer.

This is not just a lightweight bike but even if you carry a little excess weight it will be kind to you and help you get the exercise you need to get rid of some of that excess. The 29" wheels operate effortlessly on tough streets and the brakes are very good and responsive. No one enjoys climbing hills but this bike helps you even climb them with a reasonable effort. People things are there to offer you security and easiness. Because of the ease with which this bike operates, most people have no problem recommending it to their friends and other people.

One person said "the K2 Zed 3.29 Hard Tail Bike is a fantastic product and I just love riding it"

Another person said "I used to race mountain bikes but had to quit. Today I just enjoy going for a ride and if you're looking to not spend too much money I think the K2 Zed is a bike you really should consider. It performs really well and the 29" wheels make it easy to ride."

So enjoy the great outdoors on one of the K2 mountain bikes and you will have a great experience. With their stylish look and durable frames they will allow you to cycle wherever you want to go. It doesn't matter if it is around the corner or out in the beautiful countryside or on rugged off-road tracks they have a bike that will meet your needs.

By: Dave McIntosh