Dedicated Web Server

When you are building a website on the Internet, the most important thing is to decide which web host server to choose for hosting your website. There are various types of web servers, for example, virtual web hosting server, shared web hosting server, and dedicated server are the top three popular hosting services.

The problems with the virtual web hosting server and the shared web hosting server are that you may not have full control over the web server which hosts your website. Further, there may be stability and reliability problems of the web server.

You may also face many problems about the bandwidth, the disk space, installation of the scripts and the web applications, etc. If your bandwidth faces problems, then it will take a long time for the web page to be downloaded which may upset your website visitors. They will leave the site and probably will never come back.

A dedicated web hosting service is the best service which you should choose if you have a good online business that is growing rapidly, and expecting a lot of web traffic. You will have the total control over the dedicated web server. When you face some kind of difficulties with dedicated web servers, you can contact your web host and ask them to resolve the issues, or you may hire your own technical support staff. Usually the web hosting will require additional fees if you need their support service too.

As you are the only user on the entire dedicated web server, you will not have any problems regarding the bandwidth, the disk space, the memory allocation, or any other system-related errors. However, dedicated web hosting service can be quite costly at times, as it requires maintenance and re-purchase of the actual hardware, the operating system, the related softwares, and other necessary tools.

When you are choosing the dedicated web server, you need to know that they are of two types. They are the managed web hosting server and the unmanaged web hosting server.

In the unmanaged web hosting server, you are provided the hardware, operating system, and the internet connection by the web host. The rest of the jobs, for example, installing the various web applications and maintaining the web server are considered to be your duties.

In case of managed web hosting server, your web host provides you all the necessary tools and its maintenance, and you just have to concentrate on designing and developing your website. Although managed servers are more costlier, they can make your website more professional.