Dedicated servers have their fair share

Dedicated servers have their fair share as well   by Jacke

in Internet / Web Hosting    (submitted 2011-01-26)

Dedicated servers are the ones surrounded by a series of network computers, providing web hosting to high traffic, multi domain-name websites. These are the servers of choice for big organizations with businesses in many countries as well as those who need to personalize their websites as per their requirements. They are great if you need a large cyber space.

While dedicated servers provide great peace of mind for companies who need to protect their online presence and have confidentiality needs. You can also have access available to the server's memory and data processing whenever you need.

These servers can also accommodate very heavy traffic to your website with the unlimited bandwidth many of them offer. They offer you the flexibility of installing your own software on the server. You can choose the right operating system for these servers, which suites the particular needs of your business and you get full remote access to your server.

Okay, so we all know all of this. But what are some of the cons or disadvantages that dedicated servers have? Are there none? No, that is not the case. Nothing comes with no down side at all. Dedicated servers have their fair share as well. Although, in many instances, these disadvantages are compensated by the many advantages that these servers offer, the disadvantages should still be closely considered in order to make a better informed decision about selecting a web hosting server.

The biggest disadvantage of dedicated servers is the high cost associated. While acquiring hosting on a shared server is very economical, the same on a dedicated server can be very expensive. Since the cost of hosting with shared servers is divided between many users, it is much more affordable especially for individuals and small companies. But due to the fact that dedicated servers are used for a single client, the whole cost has to be paid by them. Other reasons for the high cost include more personalization options that dedicated servers offer as compared to their counterparts.

Technical Support:

Shared servers usually provide much more technical support to its users than what dedicated servers provide. This is done on the pretext that a business which would use the latter, will be technically sound enough to handle the server operations on its own.

Therefore, if you are not an expert in the technical area and hence may not be able to manage a dedicated server's operation, you will need to either opt for a shared server or get professional help for a fee.

Inbuilt scripts and other features:

There are many inbuilt, pre installed features available in shared server packages like free scripts etc. Such features are usually not added in dedicated web hosting. As dedicated server users have particular hosting needs and are thus expected to have specific knowledge about site building, these pre installed features are left out for these servers.

These are some disadvantages that one needs to consider before making a decision to acquire a server for web hosting.