Dedicated servers are best friend of websites

Dedicated servers are best friend of websites of large enterprises   by Sorav

in Internet / Web Hosting    (submitted 2011-03-11)

A dedicated server is widely used in large enterprises for its extreme resourcefulness and customizability. It can support the magnanimous amounts of traffic that business websites of large organizations receive on a daily basis, and its database capacity is capacious enough to hold all data of the company easily. It is much superior to its shared and virtual counterparts in terms of corporate hosting due to its devotedness and security profile. Its resources are not shared and thus, data cannot stolen like it is in shared servers, and the tremendous resources of a whole server ensure maximum possible uptime for the website of big firms.

In a standard dedicated server India, the resources like hard disk storage space, RAM, bandwidth, power supply, security solutions etc. are not shared and utterly at the disposal of a single site or various sites of a single organization. The performance of the website on the internet is more uniform and consistent as the downtime instances are minimized with dedicated web hosting India services. And, from the security point of view, it is completely intrusion proof, since only the users have authorized access to the server, and the most advanced antivirus, spam and intrusion detection & prevention software are installed in it.

From the user's point of view, having a dedicated web server serves individualized functions that would have otherwise been impossible on any other hosting platform. All software can be installed as per the choice and requirements of the users, as well as the operating system. And, the hardware and software can be upgraded by the user as and when the websites' functions demand it. The software installed in the dedicated server is updated automatically, just like other servers. It also supports the most advanced webmail servers for corporate email hosting purposes, so that the business communication platform of the organization remains streamlined too.