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Dedicated Server Tutorial - Novice to Professional   by Dedicatedserver Handbook

in Computers / Hardware    (submitted 2011-06-13)

After globalization and improvement of Internet technology, business owners found new way to reach their customers, get new sales lead and offer better after sales services through it. Internet simply breaks the barriers and helps to spread millions of products and services across the globe without any time constraints.

As we know, a basic Internet based business need a website, but the question is - "where should I put or host my website?" well, this is very basic but difficult question. This is completely depends on your business nature. If you are selling something like a store and you need not any special requirements, then a shared server-hosting plan is perfect for you. Where as a VPS is perfect for those people who mainly involved with Internet based web development process, business with special requirements like special software and has a moderate range of visitor every day. It is quite similar to dedicated server as well as shared server hosting. In short - you have complete command over your server but your server is virtual not actual. The hosting companies install several operating systems in a single server.

Now, the final question - "What is dedicated server?" and "How it beneficial for my business?" well, in plain English - it is a whole server for you, you have complete control over the server. You can install, uninstall, software, script, modules whenever you want. You don't have any restriction on your activities. The most amazing this of dedicated server is - you need not to share your hardware resources and bandwidth to anyone. Additionally, you will get excellent range of security; if you aren't satisfy with their security service, you can install any security solution according to your hardware and software platform; i.e. the operating system and hardware compatibility.

Dedicated server can be classified under two categories based on their operating systems. They are - Windows dedicated server and Linux dedicated server. Windows dedicated server rather costly than Linux dedicated server due to its licensing cost. Usually fully managed windows dedicated hosting offers - windows 2003 or windows 2008 server operating system along with IIS (Internet Information Server), .NET framework and extension support, MS-SQL server support (Database), ASP, ASP.NET, MS Access Support also side by side you can install and use any open source server side scripting language like - PHP and Perl and MySQL database.

On the other hand, Linux is open source yet very powerful and one of the most secure operating system genres widely accepted by global professionals. Due to its nature it is completely free from any license fee except Red hat Enterprise Linux. It is subscription based operating system that means, you have to pay some subscription fees for their OS level support. The major Linux distribution widely used in dedicated servers are - Red hat, CentOS and Ubuntu. Normally they comes with all necessary web server software and database server software along with server side scripting languages like - PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby On Rails.

Both of the comes with web based remote administration systems like - webmin or cPanel. Using that, server administrators can manage the server remotely and securely.