Boating Safety With Life Jackets

85% of boating accident victims who drown were not wearing life jackets. This can be prevented by everyone wearing a life jacket or PFD, personal flotation device.

I would like to tell you a short story of my own that reinforces that you should wear life jackets or some type of personal flotation device at all times when boating. Quite a few years ago the yacht club I belong to decided to start an new fleet of sail boats to race on the weekends They decided on the nineteen foot Flying Scot .

The first summer we used the boats everything was going very well. And then one weekend we had a very windy day and because the boats were new we decided to race them and see if they could handle the high winds. For the most part the boats handle the high winds very well but we did have two boats capsize.

One of the boats that capsized was my Uncle's boat and he had with him three of my aunts for crew. Their problems begin when they righted the boat. The sails were still up and the lines were still cleated. Once the wind filled the sails the boat sailed away with my Uncle holding on to the rudder and trying to get on the boat, which he finally did. Meanwhile he had left my three Aunts in the water all by themselves. If they had not had their life jackets on, who knows what would have happened. But they were able to stay afloat until a patrol boat came and rescued them.

Our yacht club now makes it mandatory for all racers, both children and adults, to wear life jackets at all yacht club events on the water.

Remember to wear your life jacket. Life Jackets save Lives

By: Rick Kimball