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Advantages of Dedicated Servers India   by Vikas Arora

in Computers / Intranet    (submitted 2011-01-20)

Dedicated servers hosting India seems to be very advantageous for your online business that is running large resource intensive websites. It is a type of internet hosting where the client leases the entire server which cannot be shared anyone. Dedicated is one such server that is hosts your site exclusively and lets a complete access and control over the server. Having a secure private network can give great peace of mind. There are some considerations for few advantages:

Complete Access System

If you are owned server you will have complete control over anything which happens to be in system. You decide which scripts you choose to allow, and of course you also get to decide which online activities should be allowed. You would have full admin access to the server & can configure your system to support your unique environment by using dedicated servers.

Increased speed

while you use dedicated hosting you benefit from the fact that your business has a server dedicated to your website, and your website only. Servers should be deployed with dedicated server's instant support.


Information on a shared server is likely to be less secure than information on dedicated servers. A dedicated can also be provided with its own firewall. If you are storing highly sensitive information on your system, this increased security will obviously be a high priority.

Flexibility and Software

Dedicated hosting, you are normally able to install your own software on your server since it is an environment and your actions will most likely not affect anyone else. If you required installing your own script or software on the system it won't be possible in shared Hosting.

Advantages of cheap dedicated servers India are most obvious ones, but of course there are some more features why businesses required a dedicated server. Be sure while having dedicated hosting to you, you must setup the hostname, name-servers and install all the necessary pre-requisites. Hardware chasis procured from IBM & Dell ensures prevention from hardware failures as well as degradation of performance from the server box itself.