A Boaters Guide To Marina Del Rey Yacht Clubs

Southern California is recognized worldwide as an excellent vacation spot with stunning beaches, breathtaking amusement parks, and unmatched cinema attractions -- but boaters have unique needs and interests than the average landlubber. Those who enjoy the open water have a different perspective on things.

There are six different Marina del Rey yacht clubs, each with different amenities, options, and functions: The California Yacht Club, the Del Rey, The Marina Venice, Pacific Mariners, Santa Monica/Windjammers, and The South Coast Corinthian. To find the ideal club for you, start by assessing your interests and then looking for the Marina del Rey yacht clubs that caters to your interests.

Sporty Spirits

Several of Marina DelRey yacht clubs offer sports activities for those who like to get their blood flowing after a jaunt on the sea. If you enjoy paddle tennis and rowing, the California may be the right choice for you. If swimming, basketball, and table tennis are more your style, you'll find facilities and other like-minded enthusiasts at the Del Rey.

Yacht Club Socialites

The boating community is known far and wide as a very outgoing social group and Marina del Rey yacht clubs are no exception. Boaters can enjoy social dinner parties with the Santa Monica/Windjammers, club meetings at the South Coast Corinthians, Monday night football with the Pacific Mariners, or an elegant cocktail in the private club at the California. For younger boaters, children's programs are offered at both the Del Rey and California Clubs.

Boat Repair Do-It-Yourselfers

Some people get distinct pleasure and personal satisfaction from caring for their boat themselves. If you are a DIY boater, the Marina Venice Club and the Pacific Mariners Club are your best bet. For larger boats, the South Coast Corinthian has a one-ton hoist at their self-service facility with 24-hour access.

Boaters with Kids and Teens

Both the Del Rey and The California Yacht Club offer activities for juniors. Junior activities at CYC include rowing and sailing lessons while Del Rey offers full boating courses for juniors. Kids learn everything from water safety skills, to how to care for a boat, to earning a healthy respect for nature and the ocean. Daily activities include chalk talks, water drills, warm ups, and other activities that promote self-reliance, competence, and cooperation.

Sailing And Cruising Adventures